Maison Berthille

Our atelier was founded in 1971 in Mazamet, the land of leather par excellence. Since its creation, our atelier has specialized in the manufacture of leather goods for the most prestigious luxury brands.

A few years later we crossed paths with the designer Jean-Louis Fernandez and together we decided to launch a collection of fine leather goods under the name of Berthille.

We will retrace here the story of this self-taught designer, who is at the origin of our brand.

« Look at what others are doing and try to do something else »

Towards the end of the 1960s, Jean-Louis Fernandez began designing bags and belts in Saint-Tropez, the city of Mediterranean fashion and glamour. On the advice of Jean Bouquin, Brigitte Bardot's dressmaker, who said to him: "Look at what others are doing and try to do something else", he imagined and manufactured original pieces with a unique character. His articles quickly became must-haves and were highly prized by the demanding clientele of the Tropez.

Strengthened by his success, he then moved to Paris. His creations sell in the world of show business where he rubs shoulders with celebrities such as Eddy Mitchell, Dany, Ticky Holgado... Always on the lookout for new ideas, he diversifies his creations and also designs singular bandoliers for rock bands such as Martin Circus.

After a fruitful and hectic Parisian epic, the life of Jean-Louis Fernandez takes another turn when he decides to return to the department of Tarn in the south of France and to create an eponymous brand. His reputation resonates in the whole region and attracts the interest of our atelier. We agreed on a meeting and just a few days later, Jean-Louis sketched the Cortina bag, the flagship model of the House of Berthille.