Our EPV label

"The Living Heritage Company (EPV) label is a state recognition mark set up to distinguish French companies with excellent craft and industrial know-how."

Berthille, an exceptional company

"Whatever their size, reputation and specialities, the EPV-labelled companies all guard a treasure, that of the French manufacturing heritage. In all fields, whether traditional or cutting-edge, they have a common talent : that of offering the made-to-measure service, the unobtainable item."

A meticulous selection process that promotes outstanding talent

The eligibility criteria for obtaining the EPV label include

  • The possession of a specific economic heritage,
  • The implementation of a rare know-how based on the mastery of traditional or highly technical techniques
  • The notoriety or seniority of the establishment

Here are some of the stages in the award procedure, which is governed by law and carried out by experts:

  • Analysis of the file by the Institut Supérieur des Métiers
  • Intervention of the State services in the region and competent consular establishments
  • Company visits by professionals working for excellence in their own activity
  • Examination by the National Label Commission
  • Final ministerial decision

So many stages that guarantee to reward the jewels of French know-how.

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